NFTLootBox (LOOT) Token Distribution Disclosure

Everything you need to know about our past distribution of $LOOT!

Key Details:

  • Presales ran from November 8th, 2020 — December 11th, 2020 on Bounce.Finance and through direct sales.
  • LOOT was listed after presales ended on on December 11th, 2020.
  • 10000 team and unsold tokens were locked for a year via smart contract through Lock.Finance on December 11th, 2020.
  • 5000 LOOT and 80 ETH of initial liquidity were locked for a year via Unicrypt on December 11th, 2020.

Hi all! We are disclosing the initial distribution details of the $LOOT token.

$LOOT Initial Allocation

Public Presale (42.5%)

Team and Unsold Tokens (25%)

Initial Locked Liquidity (12.5%)

Marketing and Development (20%)

$LOOT Details

Old Website:



Etherscan: 0x7b3D36Eb606f873A75A6aB68f8c999848B04F935

Uniswap: 0x7b3D36Eb606f873A75A6aB68f8c999848B04F935

Unicrypt: 0x5BAB10d7B7d43867403ac5f908fe344932FA3496

25% Of Total Fixed-Supply Locked:

Dextools: 0x5bab10d7b7d43867403ac5f908fe344932fa3496



Total Supply: 40,000

Circulating Supply: 26,000



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