Presale Details

One day ago we introduced, the new fairer way to farm NFTs. Today, we’re releasing the details for our Presale!

A quick overview of our Presale 💰📝

It is our pleasure to announce the details of’s Presale.

Presale Round 1 will launch at 6:00 PM (UTC) on Sunday, November 8th, 2020. Click here for a countdown timer.

Join us on our Telegram to ask us any questions or to join us in celebrating the countdown to our epic Presale!

When you get into $LOOT during Presale 🤩

Both Presale rounds will be held on Instructions on using Bounce can be found here. Here’s a quick breakdown of each round:

  • Presale Round 2 — $LOOT will be sold at a price of 1 $LOOT = 0.015ETH (1 ETH = 66 $LOOT). Hardcap of 225 ETH.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind — if we don’t meet our first round’s soft cap of 60 ETH. We will refund all presale investors their initial investment minus the transaction cost. Our goal is to achieve enough funding for a successful project, not to defraud investors.

Once our Presale completes, $LOOT will be listed immediately on Uniswap with a price of 0.016 ETH.

5000 $LOOT and 80 ETH will be used as LOCKED liquidity (ratio may fluctuate if ETH raised is on the lower end). This will ensure we have enough liquidity for smooth transactions of $LOOT via Uniswap. Liquidity will be locked for 1 year which you can verify at any time through Unicrypt.

🔥As an added bonus — there will be a Legendary NFT airdrop. This will be for the first 10 people in Presale Round 1 who contribute at least 1 ETH of $LOOT to qualify. This is the only airdrop we will EVER have so don’t miss out! 🔥

Tokenomics — Briefly Revisited

$LOOT token allocation — 40,000 total supply

In our last article introducing $LOOT, we explained $LOOT’s token allocation

Note: this has changed after the conclusion of our presale, click here to get our new allocation:

  • Presale Round 2 — 15,000 (37.5%)
  • Locked Liquidity — 5,000 (12.5%)
  • Team and Early Investors — 5,000 (12.5%)
  • Marketing and Future Development — 5,000 (12.5%)
  • Total supply: 40,000

We thought we’d briefly mention it again in case you forgot! 😉

$LOOT To The Future

Don’t mind us, we’re just going to take a peek at the future of $LOOT 🔮

We have some very exciting things planned for the near future:

  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Full Site launch with Staking and NFT Minting
  • Mind-Blowing 🤯 Marketing
  • CEX Listing

To find out more about the cool stuff we have planned, check out our Roadmap (also pictured below — find the full version on our website👈).

That’s it for now. 😎

🚨Don’t forget to get your share of $LOOT in Presale before it’s all gone!

$LOOT Details

New Website:

Old Website:



Etherscan: 0x7b3D36Eb606f873A75A6aB68f8c999848B04F935

Uniswap: 0x7b3D36Eb606f873A75A6aB68f8c999848B04F935

Unicrypt: 0x5BAB10d7B7d43867403ac5f908fe344932FA3496

25% Of Total Fixed-Supply Locked:

Dextools: 0x5bab10d7b7d43867403ac5f908fe344932fa3496



Total Supply: 40,000

Circulating Supply: 26,000



LootBox is a Metaverse, NFT, and DeFi Platform.

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